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Based in the Pacific Northwest, we are a passionate group of film-makers producing inspiring stories that empower viewers to re-think broken systems. We are motivated to highlight the stories of marginalized groups whose experiences can help shape conversation for solutions and illuminate the truth of the past.

Bend Film Festival Official Selection 2021 AwardSeattle International Film Festival Official Selection 2021
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Our Story


As an African American filmmaker, founder Dru Holley seeks to highlight the stories of people who have largely been ignored or overlooked throughout history.

In 2018, Holley used his skill for assembling creative, collaborative teams to found Black Bald Films, LLC as an answer to the lack of diversity and underrepresentation he witnessed in the industry.

Black Bald Films mission is to give a voice to the stories and people who have been, if not deliberately, then traditionally, excluded.

Dru Holley arrives at opening night of the Seattle International Film Festival
Man filming on Buffalo Soldiers setMen filming on Buffalo Soldiers set

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